20 Part D Terms and Conditions D 11.2 If the customer requires a higher reimbursement of the amount of insurance, the cost of the supplement is borne by the customer. Such an increase in compensation increases the maximum overall liability to the customer after point 10.7 on the new amount of professional liability insurance has conditions similar to those of the s, including the obligation to make reasonable efforts to obtain insurance for 6 years from the expiry date of its existing insurance coverage. It is the client`s duty to make reasonable efforts to ensure that they comply with this clause. D12. Disputes 12.1 Dispute resolution must be attempted in good faith between the client and the client. If one of the parties is not subject to closure, a party may require that the matter be referred to mediation. If mediation has not taken place or if the agreement has not been reached within 30 working days of the mediation communication, the Client and Diek may agree to refer the cases to the Court of Arbitration for settling the matter. In the event of a dispute, the Client may suspend in writing his obligations under this Agreement. In this case, the client or any other person will not be held liable for losses resulting from such a suspension of the work If contentious reasons arise for any reason, the Client may not use service equipment for any purpose until the dispute is resolved. D13. Defective claims 13.1 Design defects or defects that are reported to the customer are reported.

If the customer does not, the customer waives any claims the customer may have against the problem (contractual, unauthorized or otherwise), a defect or a defect. D14. Health and Safety 14.1 The client and the client agree that, for the purposes of the Health and Safety in Employment Act of 1992, the person who controls the workplace within the meaning of the law will not at any time be the person who controls the workplace within the meaning of the law, nor will there be any obligation on behalf of the client with respect to the law. D15 takes over. Variations 15.1 Any changes to this Agreement, including the scope and nature of the agreed services, must be made in writing and subject to all the terms of this Agreement, changes to the agreed services may be requested by the Client. In the event that agreed-upon benefits may be calculated on an hourly and hourly basis in accordance with Part C due to changes in the client`s instructions or requirements or for reasons beyond appropriate control, the agreed services are entitled to an additional fee, on an additional basis, regardless of how the fees are collected. D16 Disposal/Recission 16.1 This agreement cannot be withheld without the prior written agreement not to unreasonably or who may terminate this agreement by writing to the other known address. This agreement expires 20 business days after the notification is sent. NZIA Agreement for S AAS Services 2013 Page 20 of 23 17 Part D Terms and Conditions D1. Commitments of Parties 1.1 Agreed Services: The Latter must expect services agreed upon in the exercise of the degree of competence, diligence and diligence generally expected by a competent architect.

1.2 Payment: the customer must pay the services agreed in accordance with Part C and Section D7. D2. Letter 2.1 The client commits with a letter and a clear budget 2.2 The client acknowledges that the budget is not GST, territorial authority, are not part of the project. 2.3 The project will endeavour to develop one budget for the project phase, but will not assume responsibility for the development of the project as part of the budget.