For 30 years, Carolina Designs Realty has represented high-quality Outer Banks holiday homes from Corolla to Nags Head. More than half of our holiday rentals are located by the sea and offer stunning views and direct access to the beach. Our more than 350 units feature amenities such as private swimming pools, theatres and Rec rooms, pet-friendly options and more. All of our homes offer freshly made beds, towel kits and our characteristic welcome kit. Since 2013, we have been proud to receive the “Best of the Beach” award in the Apartment and Property Management categories. Call today, our guests are here to help you plan your next beach vacation! Expert Advice: Janet Thoren of NCREC says that if consumers buy travel insurance, they should stay in touch with the company to determine if their policy covers their circumstances in the pandemic. Laura Brewer, of the North Carolina Department of Justice, said that those who have complaints that rent through a licensed real estate agent should first contact NCREC to file a complaint. However, if the complaint is travel insurance or an online rental platform, you should contact THE NC DOJ at 1-877-5-NOSCAM or Very short-sighted and stupid on the part of this owner to resort to such an offer. Think…. the owner is still a week`s income, whether it is refunded or reprogrammed and in addition, he has probably lost at least that customer and probably more, as well as damage to their reputation [as it is], which cannot be undone. This suggests that many of these owners are so indebted above their heads that they are desperately looking for income. Where would they be or will they be if a longer closure takes place, like Ocracoke last year? One of the by-products of the issue of rent refunds, which has yet to be resolved, is the situation with the Facebook group, which has been formed by people trying to get a refund of surf or sound Realty Co.

on the island of Hatteras. The state where our family lives has protection that prevents us from travelling in a non-negligible way. After ten days of unanswered phone calls and emails, it took the threat of legal action to get a response from Carolina Designs. Despite the fact that the law literally prevents us from traveling, Carolina Designs has offered zero flexibility in its cancellation policy and has decided not to even refund some of the $12,000 paid by our family in November 2019. As an alternative to the repayment of our money, we were prepared to have our deposit used for rental fees in 2021, but this proposal was also rejected in bulk. Joe Lamb Jr. – Associates offers high-quality Holiday Accommodation Outer Banks and… Read more We have been vacationing on the outer shores since 1972, and three generations of our family are enjoying our time there. Unfortunately, this experience makes us wonder if we will ever see again. If we do, we will never do business with Carolina Designs again, and the 35 or so adults in our group will share our experience with anyone considering an OBX vacation rental. Unlike others, we booked our reservation for a period after the reopening of OBX, but weren`t really anxious to leave because our party members couldn`t participate due to the financial crisis due to the pandemic.

We asked if it was possible to get a refund, but they were told that even if they could re-rent the unit at full price for the booked period, we would be reimbursed “in part” at best. Not to be stable, both of us liquidated the rent financing and kept the reservation. Very much to our anger, we spent most of our time in a unit that was not worth the money we had spent after finding many errors, including poorly managed appliances, side mattresses that had been turned upside down (try sleeping on a bed of unpadded coils) and cups and glasses stuck in the cellar that were clearly used and unclean. After resigning ourselves, we decided to report the problems, but we were unable to convince anyone to answer the phone.