Existing court categories are valid until a new collective agreement is reached. o Describe your past searches (2 pages max) or describe your future research plans, especially for the research group (maximum 4 pages) o indicate the three most important publications by explaining their relevance to this Professor De Piste Tenure o Describe your publishing strategy Detailed information on the content of the application and potential host groups can be found on our site: forschung.univie.ac.at/services/aktuelle-ausschreibungen/vienna-… – Experience in design and participation in research projects, Ability to lead research groups, willingness to obtain third-party funding The regular level applies to employees after three basic years and development at a normal level is possible sooner than after three years According to the collective agreement of university staff , all staff members are categorized in categories I to V based on compliance with the classification criteria. Each occupational category consists of two levels of qualification to which staff are assigned: the basic level and the normal level. The basic level applies to teachers Article 49, paragraph 4 The gross monthly salary of Category B 2 per university class is 225.53 euros, class according to the collective agreement of university staff: section 49, occupational group A2. We offer the opportunity to get a permanent position and ultimately become a full professor. At least one salary under the collective agreement of university staff: Section 49, Working Group A2 University professors appointed on the basis of an appointment procedure (section 98 and section 99 of the Universities Act 2002) Article 49, paragraph 1. Subject to at least one positive assessment of work (as defined in the Higher Education Act 2002) during the relevant period, this amount increases for new ideas. Since 1365.

The University of Vienna is a research university with high international visibility and a wide range of studies. We engage in basic research, open to applications and research-based teaching, as well as dialogue with business and society. The University of Vienna thus contributes to the formation of future generations and to the capacity for innovation of society. The appointment of highly qualified researchers as university professors is an important strategy of the University of Vienna. Be part of this living and forward-looking organization. University assistants, high-level academics, teachers and project collaborators after completing a master`s or diploma Article 49, paragraph 3 The gross monthly salary for category B1 is EUR 2,929.00. This amount is increased According to the scientific staff employment group system (designated in the collective agreement as “science/arts collaborators”), academic staff are assigned to the A1, A2, B1, B2 and C working groups. The successful candidate is hired as an “assistant teacher” for up to six years.