You can bet that the tenant understands that the landlord is not responsible for his personal property in or inside the rented property. Of course you know that. But the obligation of tenant insurance underlines this and ensures that they understand. The tenant insurance clause in a commercial tenancy agreement provides that the tenant must benefit from general liability, an interruption of operations, an all-risk property and worker`s compensation insurance. Suppose, for example, that a tenant accidentally causes a fire that damages the owner`s building six months after a one-year lease. The lessor then commits a right to insurance and receives from his insurance a payment for his losses. Without giving up the cancellation of the assignment, the landlord`s insurance can then sue the tenant in an attempt to recover what she paid the lessor. If the tenant is sued and loses, it could affect their financial viability, which would not be helpful for a landlord who depends on the tenant to pay the rent. That`s why I ask, what if he signs the lease and agrees to buy tenant insurance, but at the end of the day, he never bothers to have one? So I`m staying with him, where I live without tenant insurance? (a) comprehensive general liability insurance coverage, proportionate to the risk associated with its activity in and on premises of at least an amount of “MINIMUM INSURANCE AMOUNT] in the event of personal injury, property damage or other losses, a waiver of the cancellation clause is a good thing for both a tenant and a lessor.

A cancellation waiver is a two-way agreement whereby each party agrees to be transferred to the other in the event of loss, for example.B. damage to a building or personal property caused by a fire. 13. Insurance and compensation. The tenant recognizes and accepts that the risk of loss for all contents and ownership of the tenant belongs to the tenant. The tenant is required to take out his own tenant insurance against fire, theft or other disasters, since the landlord has only insurance for the (s) building (s). . I do not spend money on tenant policy. It takes about an hour to evaluate, retain and enact a tenant policy for a $15-25 commission. It`s well below my typical daily/hourly sales goals, but I`m going to do it because these are the people who need security the most.