12. The tenant keeps the aforementioned machinery and equipment, insured on behalf of the company, with a recognized insurance company and pays the premium as soon as it is due and regularly due. The insurance policy will be given to the company and the tenant will provide the company with the premium certificate or Xerox copy of the company from time to time. If the tenant does not insure these machines and facilities or pays the premium at any time, the company has the right to insure the same insurance or pay the premium (without prejudice to its other rights under this agreement), as the case may be, and the costs incurred by the business are paid by the tenant upon request to the company. These terms and conditions of sale of the lease-sale are an integral part of the lease agreement between the buyer and the seller (hereafter the contract). The contract consists of the specific terms agreed between the contracting parties (hereafter specific terms), these Terms and Conditions, the Payment Plan and other Annexes, including any subsequent changes and additions to be introduced in the future. 1.6 The cost of goods is the purchase price of the goods plus VAT levied by the VAT Act. As soon as a rental company makes available to the tenant the necessary facilities to buy and take his property as a motor vehicle, his participation consists in receiving monthly payments, whether the vehicle is operated or not operated. It has no custody or control over this vehicle or those who operate it, including the tenant or driver. The fact that his name appears in the registration is no longer used to guarantee his financial participation in the motor vehicle and, therefore, his name is withdrawn after the full repayment of the loan.

He is not a servant or an agent of the tenant. In the current circumstances, we intend Parliament to exclude purchases of cooperatives and registered corporations from the application of the law and not just to lower the monetary threshold for businesses. 23. In the event of termination of this contract by termination in due course or previously by the company or tenant, or by any other means, as stated above, the company is required to pay the tenant the amount of the down payment less than the amounts that the tenant must pay to the company for the rental costs or by other means and the expenses to be paid or paid to the tenant with respect to these gifts to reimburse and reimburse not to pay by him. 6.1 By the conclusion of the contract, the buyer confirms:6.1.1. they have full passive and active legal force, as well as rights and authorizations to conclude and implement this contract;6.1.2. there are no restrictions that may impede or impede entry into the contract or serve as the basis for the termination or early termination of the contract;6.1.3. entry into the contract is not contrary to a contract, document, legislative act, administrative act, judicial decision or mandatory instruction obligation for the purchaser;6.1.4. have not been the subject of redress, liquidation, bankruptcy or enforcement proceedings and are not aware of circumstances that could lead to the initiation of such proceedings in the future;6.1.5. The buyer takes charge of the execution of contractual commitments with any property or other future property that the buyer can acquire;6.1.6. The information provided by the buyer (including financial information about the buyer), declarations, calculations and other documents and documents is accurate and complete;6.1.7.